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We sincerely appreciate your contributions. Your donation helps us further many different projects that are furthering our mission goals. Together we can really make a difference!

The Grail is an international women’s movement.

We are committed to spiritual search, social transformation, global solidarity, ecological sustainability, and the release of women’s creative energy throughout the world. We are bonded in action, solidarity, and faith, working in 20 countries, as individuals and Grail groups, interconnecting regionally, nationally and internationally.

The Grail is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and your contributions are fully tax deductible.

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The Grail
  • How I found GraiIviIIe: I was there the day in earIy spring 1944 when Lydwine van Kersbergen had to spend hours negotiating with the man seIIing the property we caII GraiIviIIe. He’d agreed to seII, was IegaIIy bound, but had had after thoughts and regrets. A coupIe of us waited it out in the coId whiIe they thrashed out the deaI.

    I’m very gIad to know how aII of you are carrying on the traditions that began then. Very best wishes.

  • Dr. Aisha Kareem says:

    Thank you for the work of the GRAIL. We have the honor of partnering with the GRAIL at the United Nations and appreciate it’s domestic and global work. Thank you for creating pathways for other non-profits to get involved in our communities at home and with community leaders across the globe. Together we can remake the world. God bless. Dr. Aisha Kareem, U.N. Programs Liaison, CWSC, Inc.

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