The Grail in the USA

Individual Parcel Maps

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Clermont County


1. Hub Parcel

Contains: 170.63 acres and House of Joy, Dining Room, Welcome Center (Metanoia), St. Brigid, Hodie, Caravansary, Benedicite, and Modicum

2. Oratory/Ark/Hilary Parcel

Contains: 63.39 acres and The Ark, Oratory, and Hilary

3. Pneuma Parcel

Contains: 2.34 acres

4. Behind Pneuma Parcel

Contains: 12.21 acres

5. Oriens Parcel 

Contains: 28.22 acres

6. Tidings Parcel 

Contains: 1.1 acres (split between building site and the 551 E. Loveland and Children’s Meeting House driveways)


Warren County


1. Schlottman Road/ Warren County Parcel

Contains: 36.7 acres (includes 20 acres in Conservation Easement with Little Miami, Inc.)

2. Grailville Conservation Easement