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Care of the Earth

Taking care of the Earth has always been vital to The Grail. We recognize the earth as a sacred living organism and use education, activism, and land use to encourage environmental sustainability.


There are many projects Grail members are working on to take care of our Earth. Such projects include:
        • The Transition Movement at Grailville
        • Anti-Fracking activism in New York, Ohio and Colorado
        • Organic gardens at Grail Centers
        • Environmental education
        • Constructed Wetlands
Grail Member and activist, Marian Ronan, recently wrote an article on the implications of Nuclear Power in our World. Read the complete article here or visit Marian’s blog at


Additional Care of the Earth Items:
Stop Dangerous Fracking!

Everyone is concerned about the safety our our water and called to action regarding dangerous hydraulic fracturing. If you haven’t seen Gasland yet, here is the trailer.


Ieva Zadina:

I have also picked up the thread of my interest in Permaculture by taking a 5-weekend Permaculture course this winter in upstate New York (Camp Epworth) and am taking steps to connect my new Permaculture community with my Methodist church community.  I’d love to help connect both of these communities with my Grail community, as well.  I’m also re-connecting with the works of Thomas Berry (of the Universe Story) and Teilhard de Chardin, both well known to many Grail women.  These works seem ultra relevant to me again.  In face of the current reality of climate change and humanity’s effect on the Earth, other subjects, for me, though important and part of the whole, pale by comparison.

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