Grail Circles

Previous Responses to Circle Business Meetings: 

Preparation for September 2014 Grail Circle Meetings:

Preparation for September 2013 Grail Circle Meetings:

As outlined in the August 2013 Gumbo, Grail leaders from 2009 to the present met in a “think tank” in early August in Greensburg, PA, to begin to lay the groundwork for the 2014 Grail General Assembly. This is a continuation of a series of meetings of various groupings within the Grail, to review and evaluate the Movement Building Scenario and progress on the Grail Strategic Plan. The next meetings will be the semi-annual Grail circle “business” meetings in September 2013.  Following are five documents, which are intended to provide background for the circle meetings:



How to Create a Grail Circle




Grail Circles by region:


Carol Siemering, 617-244-4517


Sharon Joslyn, 718-665-6677

California (Northern)

Ria De Groot, 209-467-0703

Sharon Wood, 408-781-2572

California (Southern)

Audrey Sorrento, 909-621-5375


Deborah Sullivan, 513-965-0729

Colorado/New Mexico

Beth Wasmer,  970-887-3551


Sharon Thompson, 845-534-2999


Rose Mary Clark, 937-252-5476


Judy Alves, 239-275-3055


Patricia  Young, 208-342-0670

Louisiana (Lafayette)

Una Hargrave, 337-235-9804

Louisiana (Southeast)

Dottie Cortez, 985-633-2032


Mary Therese Coyle, 248-651-4801

New Jersey

Debra Lambo, 609-252-1543

New York City

Jackie DiSalvo, 718-499-3318


Theresa Czerwinski, 484-469-3339


Vivian Corres, 414-319-0777

Grail Climate Action Circle

Marian Ronan, 347-240-7945