The Grail in the USA


A rural oasis just a short drive from Cincinnati—is a tangible expression of the Grail’s mission and values.  A center of education, leadership, peace and care of the earth since 1944, Grailville continues to be a sacred space for women and men of all ages seeking a community of shared values.

As we move forward through our transition from what was to what will be, we hope that you will continue to find peace and energy at Grailville.

  • Our natural hiking trails and outdoor labyrinth are free and open to the community during the daylight hours. Leashed dogs are welcome on the trails.
  • Although our gift store is closed, it is still possible to purchase remaining items by appointment. Please contact Terry Marshall at (513) 683-2340, ext. 231 or via email at
  • We also offer limited space for public rental in 2016:
    • St. Brigid’s for day meetings and gatherings of up to 30 people
    • The Oratory, which seats about 225, for life celebrations and other spiritually renewing activities
    • Tidings for overnight retreats (sleeps 12) and day meetings
    • The Ark for temporary housing (sleeps 9)

Please contact Terrie Puckett at 683-2340, x225 or for more information or visit our web site:

  • How good it is to see these pictures of Grailville, and some of you, my dear Grail sisters! I am preparing to fly to Charlottesville, VA, next weekend, for my nephew’s wedding and simultaneously a family reunion. Otherwise it would have been my joy to come to the GA this year.

    I loved seeing the garden in springtime!

    Blessings, and love,

    Ellen Duell

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