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The Bronx Grail Center

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The Bronx Grail Center is located in a densely populated area of the South Bronx. It is close to the three major New York airports and only 20 minutes by subway from midtown Manhattan.

The Center sponsors these programs and activities:
  • Programs to develop women’s leadership and self-esteem.
  • Monthly meetings of women from the local community. The diverse cultural population of first and second generation Latino and African-Americans gives the meetings an international flavor.
  • A girls group that offers 10-year-old girls an opportunity for international awareness, personal growth, and environmental consciousness.
  • A center of hospitality.

Continuing a Bronx Grail tradition of engaging in grassroots struggle, the women who attend programs participate in activities related to local, national and international issues.

As part of a nongovernmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations, the Bronx Grail is engaged in the struggles for environmental justice and sustainable development.

More information:

Sharon Joslyn
Bronx Grail Center

PO Box 540082
Bronx, NY 10454-0061
Street address:
470 E. 138th Street
Bronx, NY
Phone: 718-665-0271
Fax: 718-665-9528


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