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The Grail Center at Cornwall

The Grail Center at Cornwall-on-Hudson is located 50 miles north of New York City, in the heart of the Hudson River Valley. The Center covers forty-five acres of meadow and forest and provides a view of Storm King Mountain.

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The Center includes retreat facilities, a residence for Grail staff, an organic garden, lawns and wooded trails.

Community Life

The Grail Center at Cornwall-on-Hudson is an expression of the Grail. Through our life and work, we seek to embody the Grail vision.

Our spiritually diverse community shares a simple life style with times for celebration, discussion, meditation, and prayer. Our community includes local staff and friends who participate in our ongoing projects, as well as Grail members from the Northeastern United States who often join in activities at the Center.

Programs and Workshops

The Cornwall Grail Center provides retreat and educational opportunities open to the public on a broad range of topics from the environment to spirituality, political issues, the arts, and personal growth. Since 1979, we have offered support, and training to women who work for social justice, global awareness, and community development.

Retreat Center Facilities

Our largest house is The Phoenix, an attractively furnished Victorian manor with four to five meeting areas, a large kitchen, a breakfast room, a dining room, and twelve bedrooms. It offers a tranquil setting conducive for small groups of 15 to 24 people to come together to create their own seminars, retreats, workshops, or events.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage is a small private cabin, suitable for a single visitor. Nestled among the trees, the Hermitage is located at a distance that provides solitude while also allowing easy access to the Grail staff house should an emergency arise. It is an ideal place to pray, meditate, think, study, write — or just be.

More information:

The Grail
PO Box 475
Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520-0475
Phone: 845-534-2031
Fax: 845-534-1237

  • Ieva Zadina says:

    What a beautiful commemoration — all so fitting to the spirit and reality of Jackie and Doug and their community. The music together with the photos was perfect. Congratulations Jackie and Doug (what a handsome couple you are) and to the artist who made this video. Love and many blessings, Ieva

  • The Grail says:

    We are no longer renting/taking new reservations at Cornwall.

    Thank you.

  • Sharon J Doyle says:

    Does the november 2018 notice about no longer taking new reservations still hold?

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