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The Grail is working in 17 countries worldwide.  We have centers or groups in Austrailia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda, and the USA. 

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The Grail, as an international organization is very diverse. Women belonging to the Grail come from 17 countries with their own traditions, faiths, and journeys yet still are bonded through their work to make the world better.  In 2011 delegates from each country came together in Kleinmond, South Africa.  This presentation put together by U.S. Grail member Becky Hill captures the spirit and diversity of the many members of the Grail!

The International Grail, 2011 – Presentation by Becky Hill

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  • Severa Batao says:

    We need to Up date, I am sure there are many things going on currently; what need to know like Grail Tanzania is growing and shining like flower. There is different projects:secondary school, health center, bookshop centers, college, young Masaai center among others.

  • Severa Batao says:

    My suggestion is to make a plan and inspire Grail Intentional in Europe countries, Africa countries and Asia in the countries where is no Grail; to be covered as America and Australia. I feel to transform the world not yet if we don’t reach other countries. No relax to the mission of the Grail. I got that Ideal from observation of Map shown.

  • Angelica Nsiimenta says:

    Where there is a will, there is a way. I love Grail international exchanges to continue to give opportunities to many Grail members especially those who have retired from official government work to share their God-given talents and skills acquired to different parts of the world. For instance medical people to render services in Ugandan health facilities, youth and children programmes in which may get members to join us.
    Be Blessed.

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