Welcome to the new U.S. Grail website!  We wanted to create a dynamic website that would be exciting to visit, easy to navigate, and inspiring to all who visit.  You will find everything from the old site on the new site.  And we have added a few different features that I am really excited about.

On the top navigation bar you will see the tab, “What We Do.”  This tab links with the bottom section of the homepage that focuses on the four themes, Spiritual Search, Care of our Earth, Women and the Arts, and Social Transformation.   These sections are specifically for sharing with the world what Grail women do.  What better way is there to learn about the Grail than from Grail women doing Grail work?

Also on the top navigation bar is the tab “Community.”  This is where the newsletters, blog, articles from Gumbo and anything the Grail wants to share will go.  I think the community page will become really important as we expand the presence of the Grail online.  It will present an opportunity to create dialogue between the Grail and those that visit our site.

So, take a look around and let us know what you think!