“Through time, experience, and personal commitment, the bonds of community deepen and widen, and the culture we create together grows richer, sustaining not only the work that we do, but also the reality of who we are.”  Sharon Thomson

Emily and Simonetta, Pumpkin Queens


Community has always been an integral part of the Grail.  Locally and

Metanoia at Cornwall, 2011

globally Grail women have worked to transform the world.  Grail women have built an international community of like-minded women reaching out, developing programs and addressing problems on a local, national and international level.   Many women have found the inspiration to do their work because of the inspiration the Grail community brings.

What is it about community that inspires you?  Is it the shared values?  Is it the common purpose and shared participation?  Why is community so important to the Grail?

Many thanks to Simonetta Romano for the wonderful pictures!

Walking the Labyrinth

Metanoia at Cornwall