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Deborah Schak

Name 2 things that your Grail sisters may not know about you.

Who I am or what I look like. I was out of the country a great deal of the time and did not get to see other members regularly.

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today?

On a physical level – climate change. On a different level – the emergence and awareness of sexism, the attitudes towards the place of women with regard to the possibilities of the future.

What topic has drawn your attention lately that resonates with your own Grail mission?

Diversity of age and color within the Grail. I am deeply affected by the changes within The Grail and the sale and closure of Grailville. I feel we are not answering the call to be better stewards of the earth. The attitude of “leaving it to others” seems to be prevalent. Food production is not given the correct amount of attention or appreciation.

Name 2 of your favorite things.

I enjoy being able to have regular access to education and time to pursue such interests in my own time. The Great American Read and reading and watching programs on my own time is something I thoroughly enjoy. I’ve always had a hunger for the appreciation new things and acquisition of educational avenues. In all my years abroad I missed the separation and regularity from the convenience of access to these things in living a stateside life.

Final Thoughts … 

I love where I am living. Years ago, I did not think I would be this age. Thankfully, Twin Towers is a wonderful place and I really do enjoy the activities and opportunities that are here for me.



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