Name 2 things that your Grail sisters may not know about you.

I spent a year of exploration with the Sisters of Charity Convent Station, New Jersey. Because there were very very few African American young women in their organization, they sent me to the very first National Black Sisters Conference held at Notre Dame University.

It was absolutely amazing to meet such dynamic Black women in religious life.

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today?

Racism. This insidious system infiltrates every other system that should be designed to help, support and nourish our world

Which Grail sister would you like to know more about?

I would love to hear more about the journeys of our foremothers who came to this country to establish the Grail and to learn more about the rituals they created to celebrate the ministry to women.

What are you doing as your Grail mission focus or work?

The work I have been blessed to give is facilitating a process of spiritual discovery for African American women and girls to find that Holy place in them that leads them to recognize their connection with God, to the Grail in them.

Name 2 of your favorite things.

Two favorite things: walks in nature and being still by water watching the sun set.

Final Thoughts … 

Glad to share a little about me.