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Margaret Kane

Name 2 things that your Grail sisters may not know about you.

Margaret had a room available in her home and hosted Eva Fleischner when she arrived in Northern California. Margaret remembers Eva’s smile as it “lit up the whole place”. The time Eva spent with her family and Eva’s biography will always be in her heart.
She and her husband opened their home as a bed and breakfast inspired by an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, and they too were featured in the Chronicle. Margaret worked with ESL students throughout the years and loved it. She still lives in her own home and maintains it, even though she does get tired easily and needs to rest often. She has four children, as one has passed, and five grandchildren.

What do you think is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today?

Civility. Being able to listen to others without lashing out and keeping your tongue in check. LISTENING to others.

Which Grail sister would you like to know more about?

Duanne Welsch

What are you doing as your Grail mission focus or work?

Raising my children with experiences in their lives that have supported their individual and professional development that has made them tolerant, good, and accepting people.

Name 2 of your favorite things.

Spontaneity and Surprises. Oysters on the half shell.

Final Thoughts … 

Learn when to be content and to let go.



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