Grail Member:

Megan Monteleone-Morrison

What does The Grail mean to you?

Environmental stability, social justice, and release of women’s creativity into the world.

What do you think is The Grail’s purpose in the world today?

To demonstrate God’s love through women’s actions and solidarity, and to forward humankind in a more thoughtful and progressive manner.

How are you living The Grail’s mission today?

I work daily with youths as a teacher, a member on various Grail committees, organize a vegetable co-op, and hands-on participation environmentally.

When did you meet The Grail?

I joined The Grail in 2011 but knew of them 20 years prior.

Why did you decide to become Grail?

All of the answers above aligned with my own convictions and beliefs and I became Grail.

How would you describe your journey as Grail?

I was very hopeful and excited to join The Grail. There have been ups & downs due to strong minded and willed women. Specifically challenging issues and decisions kept me going forward.  The Grail is a place to live out your spirituality with other women and was an alternative to politics.

What is your favorite Grail memory?

Many years ago, I went to Grailville for our General Assembly (workshops, meetings, etc.). At the end of the days, we gathered and had a bistro. We sang songs, had drinks and snacks, and relaxed.  It was a nice way to end the days’ meetings and come together.

Have you ever travelled for The Grail?

I’m from the east and have visited Cincinnati and Dayton with The Grail.

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