Reply To: Information: Overload or Underload?

The Grail

Thank you Elizabeth Murphy for you reflection.

I did read most of the articles in Gumbo and the National News about the GA and I planned to go. I was not entirely dependent on those written materials about what would happen at the GA.

Through my work on the National Grail Council and all the regular contacts through email and phone I have with Grail members around the country, I was clear about the themes for each day. I knew I would be participating in a panel on the second day on the Grail Link to the UN Network activities. I have been aware of some of the work that Grail members have been doing in our environmental world, our social world and our spiritual world and knew they would be presenters at the GA. I knew there would be presentations by the persons who attended the IGA and the National Grail Council and a celebration of the 90th birthday of the Grail at the brunch on Sunday.

My idea for improving communication in the Grail

I recommend that we talk to each other and encourage each other to communicate through the National News, a Gumbo, the listserv and now the member forums on the website. Let’s have a monthly feature in Gumbo for teams, Grail groups, individuals, centers to share how they use these communications to keep in touch with the larger Grail.