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    Emily Snyder

    This is a message about Carol White who lives in Dublin and whom newer members of the US Grail may have heard of or met at a national meeting and a GA she was able to attend a few years ago, and in her writing in Gumbo about working on starting the Grail in Ireland. She was my nurse extraordinaire during my recent summer experience of dealing with pulmonary embolisms while in Dublin. Long time Grail members know Carol well.

    In May 2010, Carol had a small stroke, followed by many consultations with doctors about blood pressure medication. In July of that year, she had a serious episode of atrial fibrillation, which added to the need for the right combination of medication, including warfarin (Coumadin) to prevent the clots which probably caused the small stroke.

    Since then, Carol has had ups and downs in regulating the medication and in dealing with the side effects. In my opinion, she’s managed heroically with head aches, sleepiness, some heart flutters which are considered basically benign but are still scary, and generally having to visit doctors and clinics a good deal.

    At 1:30 am Tuesday morning, she had another episode of atrial fibrillation/flutter. She called 999 herself, and was admitted to Tallaght Hospital. When intravenous medication did not stop the racing pulse, they used electric shock to restore a normal heartbeat. She was released that evening, and has been only a little shaky until today, when she is experiencing some arrhythmia. She doesn’t think this is dangerous, but it does cause anxiety.

    Carol has good Dublin friends who are on call, willing to do whatever they can to assist her. Having been someone who so often takes care of others, as I experienced so well, it can be hard for her to make that phone call to ask for assistance.

    So…I am asking for the wonderful support of Grail prayer and energy to surround her as she rides out these iffy kinds of days. Carol always reads email (although her lack of energy has kept her from answering it all in the last couple years), and I know your messages would be greatly appreciated.

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