National Grail News, 1/13/2012

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    The Grail

    In this Issue:

    1. News From Pilgrim Place
    2. Member Giving
    3. Request for Prayers
    4. Gumbo
    5. Grail on the Internet
    6. National Calendar
    Attachment: Global Justice/Overcoming Poverty Bulletin 84, December 2011

    News From Pilgrim Place
    Happy New Year, Best wishes for 2012 from Pilgrim Place!
    Back from Christmas visits to family and friends are Peg Linnehan from Baltimore-Philadelphia, New York areas, Teresa Wilson from Pittsburgh and Duanne Welsch from Illinois. Maclovia Rodriguez had a Christmas open house for the Grail. Mary Gindhart marched in the Occupy the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena.
    Barbara Troxell has just been installed as the 2012 moderator of the Pilgrim Place Resident Association. Joann Lamb is active with the Occupy Claremont group. Elise Gorges is recovering at home from injuries she suffered when she fell last month; Audrey Sorrento is her main care giver. Audrey Schomer and Nancy Traer work together to take one of the Health Center residents out to activities. Eva Fleischner has not been well; Donna Ambrogi, her health advocate, is assisting her.
    Member Giving Noreen Willhelm
    The requirements for Active and Wider Grail membership in the Grail are pretty simple – be engaged with other Grail members in your area when and where you can; read and pay attention to what’s happening elsewhere (voting on Grail ballots if you’re active); and make an annual contribution to the Grail. There are no dues, no set amounts; members are expected to give what they can, even if it’s a dollar, or a contribution which reflects the value of the Grail in their lives. If you are an Active or Wider member, have not made your 2011 contribution and would like to remain on the member rolls for 2012, please send your contribution to the National Office clearly marked “For 2011.” Contributions can also be made online by credit card on the Grail’s website, If you have any questions or would feel more comfortable making a credit card contribution over the phone, don’t hesitate to call us at (513) 683-5750. If no one is in, leave a message and we will be happy to call you back.
    Request for Prayers
    § Cathy East, whose sister, Sue, is in hospice care and septic. Please pray that Cathy and her family find courage and faith to carry them through this time.

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