National Grail News, 1/6/2012

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    The Grail

    In this Issue:

    1. GUMBO
    2. Member Giving
    3. 2012 Council News
    4. CSW-56
    5. Grail on the Internet
    6. National Calendar
    January Gumbo
    Articles: Christmas Greetings; A Grail Tail (of Activism); Transition and Grailville?; Politics and Spirituality Retreat; Friend of the Grail; Member Birthdays; Why Give to the Grail?; Member Giving
    Past Gumbos (with complete index) are available in the member area of the Grail website; click “Gumbo” in the Quick Links Box on the member area menu page. See below for log-in.
    Member Giving Noreen Willhelm
    The requirements for Active and Wider Grail membership in the Grail are pretty simple – be engaged with other Grail members in your area when and where you can; read and pay attention to what’s happening elsewhere (voting on Grail ballots if you’re active); and make an annual contribution to the Grail. There are no dues, no set amounts; members are expected to give what they can, even if it’s a dollar, or a contribution which reflects the value of the Grail in their lives. Yet, today, January 6, 2012, there are 33 Grail members in the Active and Wider categories who have not yet made a financial contribution for 2011. We sent out letters to individuals in December and we’ve been reminding folks weekly in the National Grail News. The year is over, but we still really want to count everyone among the members of the Grail.

    If you are an Active or Wider member, have not made your 2011 contribution and would like to remain on the member rolls for 2012, please send your contribution to the National Office clearly marked “For 2011.” Contributions can also be made online by credit card on the Grail’s website, If you have any questions or would feel more comfortable making a credit card contribution over the phone, don’t hesitate to call us at (513) 683-5750. If no one is in, leave a message and we will be happy to call you back.
    2012 Council News: Newly elected Council member Loretta Rokey was welcomed Wednesday to her new post in the first monthly conference call of the Council. Mary Farrell and Judith Blackburn were again elected by the Grail Council to serve as the U.S. National Leadership Team for 2012 and Kate Devlin was elected for a third year as Treasurer. The Council meets by phone each month and in face-to-face two times each year. The first meeting of 2012 will be March 22-25 at Grailville. The fall meeting is scheduled October 25-28 at Cornwall.
    CSW-56 Mary Kay Louchart
    The 56th annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW-56) will meet February 27 – March 9. If you are interested in attending, please advise Mary Kay Louchart no later than January 15th at in order to be registered for the official sessions – the sooner you let Mary Kay know, the better. If girls are coming, there is an excellent orientation on Sunday, February 26, from10 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can attend side events even if you miss the January 15th deadline but you will not be able to attend any sessions in the UN building itself.
    If everyone is able to gets their visas, we’ll have two girls plus a chaperone from India; one girl plus Honorata Mvungi from Tanzania; one girl plus Nsiimenta Angelica from Uganda; one girl plus a chaperone from South Africa; one girl plus Abida Jamal from Moçambique; two young women from Mexico; all in addition to the many girls and Grail members from the USA.

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