So Who's Going to Plan the Next Grail Gathering?

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    The Grail

    When the Grail adopted The Movement Building Scenario for the Future in 2008, it changed the way we do national gatherings between General Assemblies:
    For the purpose of bonding, connecting and networking, various gatherings/ national meetings/retreats take place in venues around the country. These gatherings are organized at the initiative of members, who take responsibility for their planning in coordination with national staff. Such gatherings replace the National Retreat and National Meeting that currently occur in the years between General Assemblies.

    In 2009 and 2010, in part to ease the transition to the new format, Carol Siemering and the Council took responsibility for organizing, respectively, a National Retreat and a National Gathering. This year, there is an opportunity for you, the movement, to build on the momentum begun at the General Assembly. Anyone interested in organizing a national gathering in 2012 (or 2013) should be in contact with the National Office,, and we can help manage the logistics. If you’d like to talk about the possibilities, give Noreen a call at (513) 683-5750

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