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    The Grail

    The Institute of Noetic Sciences, which brings together science & spirituality, sends out a free monthly email that folks may find interesting. Here’s the link to the December issue; there is a “subscribe” button at the bottom of the page.

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    The Grail

    Resources for the Science and Spirituality Group

    Below are a few suggested resources with comments by the person who enjoyed them and the date that they were suggested to the group. Please copy and save this list, then add to it and send it to Nancy and Judith. If you wish to comment on a resource below that you have read, please do so. We will circulate the growing list in late December 2011. As we discern the type of materials that appeal to our group, we will suggest something that we all might investigate together.

    Date 12/2011 Material: Book Your Name: Nancy Cooney

    Spontaneous Evolution; Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. and Steve Bhaerman,
    Pub. Hay House, 2009. Comments: Clear view of humanity’s past, and an inspiring vision of our future with some concrete suggestions about how to abandon our current thought patterns in favor of positive, life affirming alternatives. It took our group many sessions to finish it and we are ready to begin again!

    Date 12/2011 Material: websites Your Name: Nancy Cooney

    http://www.Conscious Evolution, an on-line course that trains Elders from the Future. Taught by Barbara Marx Hubbard and others (check her website for her book, etc. invites people to make their transformation a reality for the world. These websites lead to others. Noteworthy is, which is planning for creative and spiritual world action on Dec 22, 2012 as a time of new birth emerges at the end of the Mayan calendar. The question being: How does the Creative Impulse want to be expressed through you?
    I haven’t gotten past noticing that these people are working on expressing the vision of Lipton in Spontaneous Evolution. Won’t investigate on-line course unless others are interested. One of these sites is also linked to a blog by tom Atlee who looks at the Occupy Movement from a spiritual point of view and says “a better future is waiting for us to occupy it. Let’s occupy the future together.”

    Date 12/2011 Material: book Your Name: Judith Blackburn

    Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and the New World Age Gregg Braden Pub: Hay House, 2010.
    This book contains the information I shared at the GA about how science has measured changes in the earth’s magnetic field during times when humans shared a strong emotional reaction to catastrophe. Braden also explains that we’re in the midst of ending a 26,000-year cycle, the end of an era and the beginning of another (i.e. the Mayan prophecies). He explains spiritual and physical principles in terms of codes embedded in the stuff of the cosmos.

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    The Grail

    Thank you Elizabeth Murphy for you reflection.

    I did read most of the articles in Gumbo and the National News about the GA and I planned to go. I was not entirely dependent on those written materials about what would happen at the GA.

    Through my work on the National Grail Council and all the regular contacts through email and phone I have with Grail members around the country, I was clear about the themes for each day. I knew I would be participating in a panel on the second day on the Grail Link to the UN Network activities. I have been aware of some of the work that Grail members have been doing in our environmental world, our social world and our spiritual world and knew they would be presenters at the GA. I knew there would be presentations by the persons who attended the IGA and the National Grail Council and a celebration of the 90th birthday of the Grail at the brunch on Sunday.

    My idea for improving communication in the Grail

    I recommend that we talk to each other and encourage each other to communicate through the National News, a Gumbo, the listserv and now the member forums on the website. Let’s have a monthly feature in Gumbo for teams, Grail groups, individuals, centers to share how they use these communications to keep in touch with the larger Grail.

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