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Sally J. Timmel

Growing Consciousness

This has been one of my actions over the past three years.

In 1974, The Club of Rome report stated that fuel for energy was in crisis, and new energy sources needed to be found. At the first Training for Transformation diploma course in 2003, a participant from Scotland shared that her husband was a researcher on our global climate. He found that we were at the tipping point for a climate disaster. From that point on, we had one week in each course dedicated to
climate restoration. My own consciousness grew exponentially.

I also was friends with the former mayor of Vancouver, Canada who later became president of the International Council for Sustainable cities. He was clear that national governments would do little about the climate crisis, and local actions were more effective and sustainable.

So that famous motto, ‘think global, act local’ became the work towards a new future. Here at Pilgrim Place, most of the 100 independent houses have grass lawns. Southern California is prone to severe droughts. With a team of residents in cooperation with ground staff, we have converted over 26 lawns from grass to indigenous, water-wise plants and cut curbs to catch rainwater into the aquafer.