Environmental Sustainability

Taking care of the Earth has always been vital to The Grail.  We recognize the earth as a sacred living organism and use education activism and land use to encourage environmental sustainability.

There are many projects Grail members are working on to take care of our Earth. Such projects include:

        • Anti-Fracking activism in New York, Ohio and Colorado
        • Group study of Laudato Si’
        • US Grail Climate Action Circle
        • Sustainable Communities Group 

Learning Labs

Learning Lab’s questions:

  • Why do we invest in research & development in the tech world but not when it comes to environmental sustainability and social transformation?
  • What would happen if we take a resource (in this case land) and offer it FREE to local nonprofits and community-based organizations for the sole point of trying something new?
  • To create an opportunity for innovation?
  • What would you do if you were given permission to fail as long as you learn from the failure?
  • What would you try if you had a space to try it?

What we ask is that these pilot projects are portable, replicable, and temporary AND that the group indicates which of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals they are hoping to advance. It is that simple. 

Nature Trails

The Grailville trails offer an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful walk in nature.  Approximately a mile and a half in total, you can walk along the fields, by the Grail cemetery and see the modern-art telephone pole sculptures installed in the 1960’s.  The path also intersects with O’Bannon Creek, one of the most beautiful areas of Grailville and a favorite for bird lovers. Stop by the office and pick up a Bio Bird Blitz card and track the birds you see during your walk. Turn it back in after so we can gather anecdotal data of biodiversity!

Native plant and wildflower lovers also enjoy the diverse plant life that flourish in the prairies that surround these paths. Guests are welcome 365 days a year during the daylight hours.

Experiential Education

Grailville continues efforts to combine experiential education with the great outdoors through ongoing and special projects all designed to be easily replicable at home and in the community: Monarch Butterfly Garden, portable sheds, vertical gardens, edible forests and flowers, dandelion gardens, and projects of our Science Cohort. For more information on what we are trying next, please contact us!

A Different Kind of Team Building
Perhaps you are considering an activity to reconnect your team. Maybe, if you are like many of our team, the idea of rock climbing, trust falls, and rope bridges strike dread not warm fuzzies.

The Grail created the perfect activity with you in mind: local, covid-safe, and budget-friendly. Your group will work as a team, destress, have some friendly competition, and enjoy 72 acres of nature.

Team Building Information (2021)


The Grail has a 30 year history of reforestation—replanting what was removed during earlier decades. We invite folks to find ways to plant trees in their communities and to reduce the number of trees cut down each year.

One way is to replace the traditional live cut Christmas tree with a live POTTED tree. Then after the holiday simply plant the tree in your yard. For those who do not HAVE a yard you can donate your tree to a local community organization with that mission. Those in the Cincinnati area can donate to Grailville for planting. To donate your Christmas tree to Grailville connect with our office.

Members Work

Grail member, Farm/Land Coordinator, and permaculture expert, Mary Lu Lageman was recently interviewed by Grounded Hope for their podcast on agroforestry. The Grounded Hope podcast pairs Podcast Director Renee Wilde with the team at the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions to produce a series of audio products that collectively introduce the people of Ohio to the past, present, and future of Ohio agriculture. Listen Here.



The Grail welcomes women interested in membership to connect.



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There are a variety of opportunities for all ages, skill levels and interest.