Environmental Sustainability

Taking care of the Earth has always been vital to The Grail. We recognize the earth as a sacred living organism and employ education, activism, and land use to encourage environmental sustainability.

Get Involved At the Loveland Center

Nature Trails

The Grail trails offer an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful walk in nature. Approximately a mile and a half in total, you can walk along the fields, by the Grail cemetery, and see the modern-art telephone pole sculptures installed in the 1960’s as it returns to nature as intended by the artist. Native plant and wildflower lovers also enjoy the diverse plant life that flourish in the prairies that surround these paths. Guests are welcome 365 days a year during the daylight hours—dogs on leash permitted.
Review our trail map!

Experiential Education

The Grail continues efforts to combine experiential education with the great outdoors through ongoing and special projects all designed to be easily replicable at home and in the community: Monarch Butterfly Garden, vertical gardens, edible forests and flowers, and projects of our Science Cohort and Love Our Land. Contact us for more information on what we are trying next!

Science Cohort

This small group of citizen scientists develop individual projects related to land, water, flora, and fauna, coming together to share information and to give support when requested. To join the cohort or to support their efforts, reach out to the office.

Edible Forest

Ongoing project to educate the community on how to grow food in sustainable and regenerative ways while enhancing the environment, biodiversity and soil health, as well as sequestering carbon in the soil. It is founded on the spiritual base of treating land and the earth as sacred. Its educational value is in being a model for social and climate justice by mitigating climate change and contributing to resolution of food and hunger issues through local and organic growing. This model is replicable in many different ways wherever people live.


The Grail trail intersects with O’Bannon Creek, one of the most beautiful areas of the Grailville campus and a favorite for bird lovers. Stop by the office, pick up a Bio Bird Blitz (competitive birdwatching) card and track birds you see during your walk. Turn it back in after so we can gather anecdotal data of biodiversity!
Locate birds in our area!

Rewilding/Grail Greenhouse

The Grail — in partnership with Love Our Land — has embarked on a 7-10 year plan to remove the invasive species of plants from its 40+ acres and replace with native species grown in the soon-to-be-built Grail Greenhouse.

Get Involved at the Bronx Center


Take part in outreach to teenage girls and young women, offering opportunities of environmental and justice awareness, personal growth, and international consciousness.


Connect with New York area Grail members around the local Bronx community gardens, offering space to Indigenous groups, growing good food, and cooking together to create and strengthen the community.

Get Involved Across the US

Climate Action Team

The Climate Action Team is working to inform ourselves, other Grail members, and like-minded women about the Climate Crisis and its interconnections with racism, mass migration, late capitalism, vulnerability of democracy and other problems facing our world today. We want to make a positive impact on these issues by taking action collectively and as individuals. All are welcome to join our monthly Zoom meetings.

Laudato Si Study Group

The weekly virtual reading group (Wednesdays, 4-5pm, EST) still bears the name “Laudato Si’ group” because the first text was Pope Francis’s important 2015 Encyclical, its theme perhaps best summarized as: “The cry of the Earth, the cry of the poor.” The same theme applies well to the subsequent books we have read (taking turns reading aloud, discussing along the way): Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Braiding Sweetgrass, Sherri Mitchell’s Sacred Instructions, Valarie Kaur’s See No Stranger, and Pope Francis’s recent Exhortation, Laudate Deum. To close, we read a Prayer compiled each week from Joan Chittester’s writings by Grail member Terry Marshall. Attendance is liberal, as active women’s schedules permit, and open to guests at any time.


Love our Land

The Grail collaborates with Love Our Land on a variety of long-term and short term projects and provides LOL space to conduct their own programming.


Grail members led efforts to found the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA), through which portions of Grail land are still certified organic. Grail members have participated in OEFFA programs and educational efforts for over 50 years.

Little Miami Conservancy

Holds the conservation easement on 20 acres of Grail land in stream bank protection conservation easement.



The Grail welcomes women interested in membership to connect.



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