Social Transformation

The Grail values justice and works to transform the world through networking, education and action. Grail members work to promote peace and justice locally and nationally, including involvement with International Grail networks and through our NGO status with the United Nation.

Get Involved At the Loveland Center


The Grail develops NextGen Leaders through student led education by helping young women find their voices and embrace their untapped capabilities. Crew is a work and leadership initiative that includes weekly themes, once a week education hours, and support for young women facing barriers to employment.

Young women ages 15-22 who have a financial need are hired as contractors at $15/hour, and can decide what days and hours they prefer to work each week. Usually the focus is on outdoor tasks such as maintaining gardens, weeding trails, supporting the agroforest, etc. It also includes some office work, event staffing, and archival/art collections help as it is needed.

Support Crew by volunteering to share a skill (practical, life, or hobby) in a 1-2 hour session during the summer months. Previous sessions for ideas: Using Power Tools, Basic Apartment Maintenance, How to Create a Personal Budget, Canning, Knitting, Meditation, Yoga, and Understanding Credit.

Email with any questions about our CREW program!

Get Involved at the Bronx Center

Local Community

Join local community members through the women’s micro-economic project: La Adventura. “Community-based economic development…recognizes the potential of communities to drive their own economic growth and prosperity, rather than relying solely on external investments or interventions. By harnessing the collective power of its residents, businesses, and organizations, community-based economic development can create sustainable and inclusive economic opportunities that benefit everyone.” (

Take part in outreach to teenage girls and young women, offering opportunities of environmental and justice awareness, personal growth, and international consciousness.

Connect with New York area Grail members around the local Bronx community gardens, offering space to Indigenous groups, growing good food, and cooking together to create and strengthen the community.

Get Involved Across the US

Core Social Justice Policies

In 2020, Grail members voted to accept the following Social Justice Policies in accordance with its vision and mission statements, to encourage members and non-members to take action towards achieving The Grail’s mission goals. This booklet explains why The Grail feels these issues are important AND several ways that individuals and groups can take action wherever they live.

Taking a Stand

The Grail in the US is a movement which means that our members share values but may sometimes differ on priorities. There are some moments where unification is paramount, and at such times we as The Grail in the US choose to Take a Stand. This means statements, sign-ons and actions can be taken by local, regional or national Grail groups without further vote if they are within the parameters of the policy statement. Join The Grail in Taking a Stand on the following issues: [NEED CLARIFICATION ON DROPDOWNS]


Poor People’s Campaign

The Grail participated in the original Poor People’s March in Cincinnati and Washington D.C. in 1968. In 2020, The Grail signed on as a nonprofit supporter for the renewed Poor People’s Campaign. Members take part in the annual march held in Washington and take part in localized actions across the US.

Festival of Faiths & A Mighty Stream

The Festival of Faiths community mural is on long-term loan and is displayed at the Oratory year-round. EquaSion utilizes the mural for educational purposes.

The Grail is a member of A Mighty Stream, an interfaith community of social action for racial justice.

March to End Fossil Fuels

The Grail signed on to the March to End Fossil Fuels movement as a nonprofit supporter. Grail members took part in the first march in 2023 as a group in NY. We welcome all to join in taking action!



The Grail welcomes women interested in membership to connect.



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