Women and the Arts

The Grail recognizes how important the role of the arts plays in transforming the world! We feel that the creativity of women is empowering, enlightening, and can be seized in a way that promotes leadership and strong futures for women around the world. 

    Art Collection

    The Grail is home to an amazing collection of art representing genres from music to textiles, poetry to ceramics. Our collection has been made by Grail hands, or given to The Grail as gifts over the years. Each year we offer pieces from our International Crèche Collection to small museums and institutions for display purposes. We welcome requests for this and other traveling exhibitions representing the mission of the Grail, its history and many ways The Grail has influenced generations.


    Art at the Oratory

    Beginning in 2020 we will showcase the role art contributed to social transformation through our Art at the Oratory series. Art at the Oratory will connect art with transformation (personal and societal) by showcasing a Grail member and her art. Each Showcase (3 a year) will include a community organization as partner, and will highlight the connection of Grail + Art = Transformation.



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    The Grail in the US is a movement where all members are encouraged to advance our shared vision in the manner that best befits their interests, abilities and the needs of their community. We are individual threads that together weave a tapestry.